As someone who smoked their first joint in 1991, got arrested for possession in 2012 and has been on probation ever since, I have yet to partake in the art of dabbing. For any novice readers, I speak of the act of smoking THC Extract, not pretending to sneeze in my sleeve and call it a dance. My probation comes to a long awaited end this month (conveniently a week after 4/20) and I already have friends and colleagues lining up to take my dab virginity.  The fact this much excitement surrounds my initiation into the dab club has me slightly paranoid.

I love my blunts and oh how I miss them. I can’t wait to fire up a beauty and enjoy the taste of some dank flower. It has been at least 10 years since I have smoked out of even a bong and now I am taunted by the challenge of the rig. Let’s set aside the fact it takes a blow torch to commence the ritual and just talk about the endless stream of dab fail videos to be found on YouTube. Most of these victims of viral comedy (just search “Roscoe dab fail”) are seasoned bud smokers, but can not handle their first blast from the rig. I’m determined not to be viral comedy, but I’m no punk either and don’t see myself refusing the challenge. As the days pass and the end of probation is in sight, this is what plagues the mind of a man about to have his #freedomsesh.


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Scott Bettano

With over 20 years experience in the cannabis black market, Scott has been on the front line fighting for an end to prohibition. After an arrest by the DEA in 2012 and subsequent jail sentence, Scott has focused his efforts on the growing legal market and launched the Social High App in early 2016. Scott currently serves as the CEO of Social High.

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