Lights, Camera, Puff!

In a generation of semi-celebrities made #instafamous by one social media platform or another, everyone is looking for their 15 minutes of fame. Here at Social High we support the next wave of #CannaCelebrities which why we are excited to announce the launch of VIDEO on the Social High App!! (Download available in The App Store and Google Play now!)

Social media platforms such as Vine, Instagram, Twitter and even cannabis IG like social network MassRoots allow aspiring stars to share videos of themselves in small clips. Vine & MassRoots limit your starring role to just 10 seconds. Instagram gives you a full 15 seconds of fame where Twitter allows a full 30 seconds, given your video stays below the 2mg file size limit.

Social High wants to see more of you! We are giving you a full MINUTE to display your smoking skills, show off your garden, embarrass friends with their first dab or bless us with your editing skills for the more advanced videographers. Whatever your creativity brings, we want to see it.

So what are you waiting for? Get on Social High now to start connecting with cannabis enthusiasts worldwide and begin your quest to emerge as our first #CannaCelebrity!


Get Social High for Iphone or Android and find your new smoke buddies today!

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Scott Bettano

With over 20 years experience in the cannabis black market, Scott has been on the front line fighting for an end to prohibition. After an arrest by the DEA in 2012 and subsequent jail sentence, Scott has focused his efforts on the growing legal market and launched the Social High App in early 2016. Scott currently serves as the CEO of Social High.

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