A Letter to the NFL: Stop Demonizing Josh Gordon

Dear NFL,

We woke up this morning to find Josh Gordon in the news for another positive marijuana test. As first reported by Fox News (such an honorable news outlet), Gordon tested positive for marijuana and dilute. Even though the wide receiver’s marijuana levels were below the 35 nanogram threshold (don’t even get us started on that fictitious number), the presence of dilute triggers an automatic positive by NFL standards.

Now Gordon, who has been suspended since last February, faces a 60-90 day delay in his reinstatement and we have seen many people on social media tearing him down, referring to Gordon as an “addict.”


It is your responsibility NFL, to put a stop to the demonizing of this young man and stop impeding his career over medicine. Josh Gordon is not an addict. We suspect, like millions of others, Gordon finds balance in cannabis. How many NFL players suffer from ADHD or Depression and have a locker full of pills to keep them balanced? Do you take away their medication? Do you make them choose between feeling balanced or their love for the game of football? The answer is no, no you don’t.

Like it or not, cannabis is a very effective medicine helping millions of people worldwide. If you put half the effort as fabricating “deflategate” evidence into researching the healing powers of this medicine, you would see what a benefit it is to so many, especially the players in your league. Maybe if you showed the same compassion for medical marijuana patients as you did for the domestic violence offenders that plague your league, you might just learn how this medicine helps them on a daily basis.

In fact, we urge Roger Goodell to sign up for his free Social High account today and begin getting educated on cannabis.


The Cannabis Community


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